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Feature Request - Real Time Lookup in Laserfiche Scanning

posted on June 7, 2019

I'd like to request that real-time lookup be added to Laserfiche Scanning. Laserfiche Scanning already has the ability to filter dynamic fields which in many cases can be used as a workaround if a user does not have Quick Fields with Real Time Lookup. See this post:


However, if you have a large table and try to use Dynamic fields, it can slow down or become unusable. Real-time lookup would solve this by performing the query after a user tabs out of the key field, as opposed to pre-loading all the table data when the template is loaded.

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replied on June 8, 2019

Hi Zaheer,

After scanning and storing in the repository, you can use workflow to complete the metadata automatically (Activity Query Data and Activity Assign Field Values)



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replied on July 16, 2019

Hi Marco,

Thanks for the suggestion. You are correct that you can look up the data after scanning, but that is not the same thing as the feature I am requesting. In this scenario, a scanner operator is keying a value such as ID#, and then wants to verify the name is correct before sending the documents to the repository.

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