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File Upload Disappears in Save Repository Activity - Possible Bug

asked on March 14

Just wondering if anyone else has seen this behavior and if it is a possible bug.


I use Forms and have noticed that when I use the file upload, some of my options disappear.


When I create a Save to Repository step in the business process, I have an area where I can choose to put in information about the form (if I save it) or I can choose to put in information about the documents being uploaded with the file upload activity.  However, when I save the business process and go back into the Save to Repository activity, I only have the form to work with.  My options to name/store/metadata for the files uploads disappear.


If I go out of the business process (either switch to the form or close it all together) and come back in, then it shows up again.


In my screen shot below you will see a section for Upload File (this is what I named my form) and Document_Information_Table (my file upload inside a collection).  The shot on the right is the first time I am in the BP.  Then I save it and open the activity again and the tabs are gone (shot on left).


Also since I have it in a collection, when it names it, it takes all the values for a specific field.  How would I get it to name using only the information for that specific collection?  For example, I upload Document A (with metadata ONEA and metadata TWOA), add a new collection and upload Document B (with metadata ONEB and metadata TWOB).  I attempt to name them using metadata field one and each document gets named ONEA, ONEA.  Instead of one document being named ONEA and the other document being named ONEB.



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replied on March 14 Show version history

This was a bug [34446] in 10.2 that has been fixed in 10.3.1 and 10.4. Refreshing the page in 10.2 should make the tabs appear again. 

Issue was also discussed on this post:

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replied on March 15

Thank you.  Yes, I can also refresh the page to get it to show up again.

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