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WebLink 10.1 Download Does Not Include 10.1 Update 1?

asked on February 15

Can the WebLink 10.1 download on the support site be updated to include the Update 1 release?

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replied on March 28

Can someone from Laserfiche please reply to this?

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replied on July 23

Just ran into another issue where an engineer did not know that Update 1 was not included with the initial download. Can we get this fixed please?

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replied on July 31

That's correct and sorry about that. We've been falling a bit behind on updating some of our packages.

We're going to start doing monthly updates to our packages to include all patches released in the last 30 days. Laserfiche 10.4.1 and WebLink 10.1 will be updated on August 13, 2019. After that we'll stick with a "second Tuesday of the month" schedule. More information on what KBs to watch to come shortly.

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