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Upgrading VMware host, will it affect anything with fingerprints/licensing?

asked on February 8 Show version history

We are currently using LF Avante 10.2 in our organization.  We will be upgrading our VMware hosts from vSphere 5.5 to 6.5 in the next month or two.  Will this have any effect on the LF fingerprints/licensing?  We are NOT changing anything on the VM's, just updating the hosts hypervisor version.  Just making sure we don't run into any unexpected issues before we execute this upgrade.  Any insight is greatly appreciated.  Thanks!

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replied on February 8

When we did something similar my VMWare admins assured me that the server fingerprints would not change, that the servers would not know anything had changed.  They changed and the server knew it.  That isn't to say it will happen to you.  Just to suggest you be prepared to reinstall the master license and reissue application licenses just in case.

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