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OCR OmniPage arabic Support ?

asked on November 11, 2018 Show version history

Hello Everybody,


Can anyone tell me if OCR OmniPage 9.2 that recently LaserFiche 10.3.1 integrated support the ARABIC language ?


"Laserfiche 10.3.1 features a new version of OmniPage OCR. New installations will include Omnipage 19.2. However, when upgrading from previous versions of Laserfiche, your OmniPage version will not automatically be upgraded from 18.5 to 19.2. You can manually upgrade this component in Programs and Features."

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I found also that Quick fields 10.1 support arabic :

" Arabic and Thai are now supported in any Quick Fields process that contains OCR (OmniPage OCR and OmniPage Zone OCR). These languages are licensed separately. " 


what does it mean "These languages are licensed separately." ? do I need some other licence ?


Thank you; 

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replied on November 12, 2018


Laserfiche 10.3.1 did include an update to the OCR engine, but Arabic OCR is still only available in Quick Fields. 

Quick Fields 10.1 and later can run Arabic OCR if the Quick Fields license purchased includes the Arabic OCR add-on. 

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replied on February 26, 2020

Hi Tessa

As Quick Fields includes Arabic OCR with separated license, why it is not included in Laserfiche Client with separated license, as most of customers request Arabic OCR. 

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replied on February 26, 2020


There are a few reasons that Arabic OCR is not currently available in the client. One reason has to do with the fact that unlike Quick Fields, the desktop client does not currently require a license, so there's additional development involved in enabling that. Another bigger reason is that we've gotten feedback that suggests the accuracy of the existing Arabic OCR engine may be insufficient particularly for scenarios outside of Quick Fields where there is less of a built-in interface for review and correction and/or accommodating OCR errors through pattern matching and token manipulation. In light of this feedback, we are re-evaluating a wider variety of options for how to approach Arabic OCR suite-wide. 

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