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Links missing from Metadata

asked on October 9, 2018

Hi folks,

*** Laserfiche Windows Client 10.2 ***

I have had a considerable amount of documents linked (Purchase Orders to Invoices). However, we have recently noticed that all the links are now missing. I have spoken to our Laserfiche rep who could not give much assistance.

Has anyone noticed this before? Is there a way (setting, etc) that may have been changed to hide links?

Thanks in advance.




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replied on October 9, 2018

Hi Matt, 


Have you toggled between the Document Relationships and Link groups to see if it makes a difference?





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replied on October 10, 2018

Hi Gert,

Thanks for the prompt reply.

I have had my IT dept have a look into it and it seems there were issues with our power supply which was causing the Laserfiche server to restart. It appears as though data may have been in the process of being written during one of the restarts which has corrupted the links table. We have now sorted the power supply issue, but I don't think there will be a way to get the old links back.

Thanks to all who viewed.



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