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Should Web Access be expected to display PDF’s when Workflow fills data in PDF’s that have non-standard fonts

asked on October 9, 2018


We have a customer who users a WF to fill data into a PDF.  They are using a non-standard font “Kozuka MinchoPr6N R”


When they go to view the PDF in Web Access, they are unable to see anything with this Font.


When they view the PDF in the Client, they are able to see the Font.


Attached is a Sample PDF that has the “Kozuka MinchoPr6N R” Font in it.


They have installed the Adobe Acrobat Reader DC Font Pack (Continuous) on their LF Server where WF is installed, as well as, on their WS that is using Web Access and the LF Client, but they are still unable to see the Font via Web Access.


Appreciate any insight anyone might have.


Jeff Curtis

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replied on October 9, 2018

Fonts in PDFs are treated two different ways. The preferred approach is to embed the font in the document so that it can be used by any viewer. Otherwise, you rely on the viewer to have access to the font.

When a user in Web Access views a PDF their local machine is rendering the file and needs to have access to any fonts. You attempted to rectify this by installing the font pack on the workstation that is attempting to view the document. Installing it on the server wouldn't make any difference.

I looked at the fonts for that document, and the one you mentioned is not included. I should note that the document renders just fine for me, although I don't have Acrobat installed. Maybe you can post a screenshot of the document being incorrectly rendered on the workstation in question.

As a starting point, I would review the settings in Acrobat to ensure that all fonts are being embedded appropriately.

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