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Workflow starts many jobs after server restore

asked on July 9, 2018 Show version history


After restoring a 2-months old copy of the Virtual Server running Laserfiche Workflow, a ton of work was started by Workflow like it was thinking it was behind in its work. This copy of the VM was the exact replica of the server which was running before it died because of a disk crash (on the pysical server).

For example there is a Workflow job that is supposed to take a document in folder x (waiting queue folder) and process it. The waiting queue is empty but still, after starting the copy of the VM, Workflow was running this job against documents that once were in the waiting queue (but not anymore). This waiting queue is in the Laserfiche repository (in the database) not on the server.

Most everything (jobs definition, schedule etc) is stored in the Workflow repository in the database, but I suspect a key indicator of the current status of the work is stored in a local file on the server. Else something like this would not happen. I saw something like 80,000 documents waiting to be processed.

Does anyone have a clue as to where this "status" information is stored ? This file would be a candidate to frequent backups and would need to be recovered at the same time as an eventual VM recovery.

Thank you

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replied on July 9, 2018

It sounds like you installed Workflow and configured it, then snapshot the VM. The Subscriber saves the last processed event ID in the registry, so it knows where it left off when the machine is rebooted.

If you're taking a snapshot of the VM for disaster recovery purposes, you want to stop the Workflow services and remove the "ASN" value from the following registry key:

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Laserfiche\Workflow\Monitored Repositories\REPOSITORY ID HERE]


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