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Community Named User Licence? or separate process

asked on May 9, 2018

I am working on a travel reimbursement process where a user submits estimates for approval. They then return from travel and submit additional expenses and receipts. Licensing all employees is not an option.

I am investigating the best way to handle when the user returns from travel and needs to access their previous form.


  • Can a participant license be configured to auto login? (this solution is internal)


  • I remember in 10.3 hearing about a new type of license for use with Forms. I went here and saw the Community Named User License. Will that meet my needs?


  • Will I need to have 2 separate processes where I pass parameters via URL?


I know I am one of many who have been down this road. Has anyone come up with a workaround?



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replied on May 11, 2018

Hi Chris,

First, let's clarify one thing - Community Users are specifically for individuals who are outside of your immediate organization. Employee Participants would be used for those inside your organization. Both of them are subscription-only user types that give the user the ability to participate in a forms process and have read-only access to the repository.

If all the user needs to do participate in the process and does not need repository access - or if subscription users is not an option - you actually want to look into 'Forms Authenticated Participant Users'. Those allow users to do exactly what you seem to be looking for. They can submit and participate in a Forms process.

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