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Laserfiche 10 Supported Configurations - Missing MS Office

asked on January 12

Hi All,


Supported configurations for LF9 included Server OS, DBMS and MS Office versions -


However in the supported versions for LF 10, it only shows Server OS and DBMS, no office.


Where can I find out if Laserfiche 10.3 supports MS Office 2010 x32?



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replied on January 15

Hi Chris,

It's listed in the product release notes these days: And yes, it does support 2010 x32.

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replied on January 16

Thanks Justin, this is what I was looking for.


It would be useful however if this was included in the LF 10 KB article as it was in LF 9, it's a handy 'one stop shop' for supported configurations we can use as well as pointing customers to when they ask what's supported, rather than having to say, well there is a bit here and a bit here, kind of thing. wink

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