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for each custom sql not working if more than one value specified

asked on December 7 Show version history


I have case where I have a multi-valued field that contains integer values stored as nvarchar data type.  I am in a FOR EACH loop, and it contains a Custom SQL Query.  Now if I pass in a single value in single quotes to the SQL below, it works.  But if I pass in multiple values in single quotes, no rows are affected.

My SQL looks like this:

IF (@Status IN ('E' , 'R'))

      SELECT * FROM [Custom_LF_Data].[dbo].[AS400MAUQuotes]
      WHERE CAST([QuoteNumber] AS varchar) IN (@QuoteNr) AND [Status] <> 'A'

How would I get my @QuoteNr, which is defined as %(MultiQuoteNumber#[, ]#), to work if I have more than one value in my multi-valued field?



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replied on December 7 Show version history

Could you not use a for each value and set it to the multi value token?

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replied on December 7

I'm guessing you're looping over something other than the quote number? Otherwise you'd be running the same query over and over.

The query is parametrized so you can't inject a list with a single token. This is by design, for security purposes.

This post discusses a possible workaround and its pitfalls.

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