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SDK Single User with Unlimited Simultaneous Connections and Full Permissions

asked on August 10

Is it possible to purchase a license that would allow a single SDK user account to log in simultaneously an unlimited number of times with full permissions to read / write / delete /etc. like a typical user?

If not unlimited, how about a much larger number than 4 or 8 such as 5,000?

This would be used by a web service for listing documents, uploading them and downloading them for anonymous users.



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replied on August 10

Yes, though pricing is not discussed on this site. Please contact your reseller so they can get in touch with the regional manager about it.

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replied on August 11 Show version history

Thank you for your prompt response!

What do you call this kind of license?  I want to be sure to ask for the correct thing when we talk to our reseller.

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