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named user vs participant license access

asked on April 5, 2017 Show version history

Does anyone know if there is documentation that lists what Named User vs Participant licenses can do?

For example, a Participant license assigned to a user can approve/reject forms and can look at additional forms within the same business process but can't access/interact with the Repository. A Named User can do all of that AND access/interact with the Repository.

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replied on April 5, 2017

A named user license also allows the creation and modification of Forms processes. 

An overview can be found in the Laserfiche Rio FAQ or Laserfiche Avante FAQ papers. 

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replied on April 5, 2017 Show version history

I checked the Laserfiche Avante FAQ which led me to the Forms Licensing page in Support. This page had some of the information I was looking for but it also led me to the Security Overview page which is where I found the rest of the information I was looking for.



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replied on January 22, 2020

This was very helpful.  Thank you.

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