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Use signature collected in Forms in Workflow

posted on February 16, 2017 Show version history

Follow is an example for how to use signature collected in Forms in Workflow.

Use retrieve business process variables to retrieve signature variable

Use update word document to upload word document

In the word document, add a field with text as “«Image:Sig»”(sample Word file attached)

In the upload word document activity, add a new modification and use “Simple Field Merge” type and set the field name to merge to “Image:Sig” and set its value to the signature variable from Forms

In the advanced option of Update Word Document(click the gear icon), select “Create new document” with “Convert to PDF”.

The you can use the result file of the update word document activity to any activity that accept files such as email attachment.


But as it discussed here, there is legal consideration of putting signature to another document.


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replied on August 3 Show version history

Does anyone know if this functionality is available in the cloud? @████████

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replied on September 5

Cloud doesn't support retrieve the signature variable value with workflow yet. 

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replied on November 18

Is there a timeline for including this feature in Cloud?

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replied on November 22 Show version history

Hi Cliff, we have a user story for it in our backlog, but there is no estimated timeline at the moment. I'll update this post once we plan to work on this feature. 

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replied on March 31, 2017

Kind Reminder,

Thank You

Maher Daher

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replied on March 26, 2017

Hello  Xiuhong Xiang,


I am using the signature in Merge table Type in Update Word Document, because i have a collection in my forms where i have in every child of this collection a signature.

I am using the same naming of the field, and the same technique of filling a table, all the other information are working fine, except the signature. any ides how to fix it or some workaround ?

Thank you.

please see screen shots of the word doc and workflow.

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replied on March 31, 2017

I may be mistaken, but it looks like you have a naming mismatch.

The Token name looks to be Image:Sign1

And your Word field is looking for Image:Sign

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replied on April 2, 2017

Hi Bert,

Thank you, but it is the same result even after correcting the field name. in simple merge field it is running, and displaying the signature in the field.

Any other thoughts ?

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replied on April 3, 2017

after updating word file did you update workflow "Update Word Document" reattach MS- Word file and publish workflow and try.




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replied on April 5, 2017


I did everything right, in simple merge field it is running correctly, but in the table merge field it is not.

even when i tried to do it alone in another workflow it is now happening.

I need to know from Laserfiche if it is feasible.


Thank you.

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