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Best way for Full text search in documents?

asked on February 14, 2017

We are running Laserfiche version 9. We have thousands of documents in our repositories that are PDF, Word, Excel, Tiff and PowerPoint. What is the best way to  make them all full text searchable? Everything I've found in researching talks about indexing but what do I need to do before that can happen?

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replied on February 15, 2017

normaly, if you import tiff and pdf by using the client, and the proper setting is set, these format should be index for the content by using the text file create by the OCR, or the pdf iFilter.


for ms office documents , it should be extracted text when import documents



if it does not work, you can create a workflow to find all document that do not have a text attached to them and create asdk script to do it.


or you can by using the client do the same kind of serach and start an ocr process to extract the text.


both will index the content of the documents.

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