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Feature Request: Rich Text Editor for Forms

posted on February 13, 2017

Feature Request:

I would like to see a Rich Text Editor that I could embed in my form.  Something much like the field I'm typing this request in now (even more formatting options would be helpful).  We would like the Rich Text editor for the same reasons you chose to have one on this submission form.  



Example from:


Example from:


I have found several other instances of users with the same needs:


Use Case:

We have a Council Action Form with several Multi-Line fields that users complete with information they want on an agenda for an upcoming council meeting.  Our users often want to add tables or formatting that more easily illustrates the information they want to convey.  


Thank you for your consideration.

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replied on February 21, 2017


Can someone confirm if this is implemented or what's the status....?




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replied on February 21, 2017

It is in the to do list ,but no estimation when will it be implemented yet.

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replied on February 14, 2017

Thanks for your request, this feature requests are already in our to do list.

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