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Laserfiche integration with IT Help Desk products

asked on February 13, 2017 Show version history

Has anyone used an IT Help Desk software and integrated it with Laserfiche Forms?  Our thought was to develop a starting form in Laserfiche that could then push that info to another platform that houses the asset tracking and help desk for certain types of requests. 

We currently have home grown applications for both Help Desk and Asset tracking, but we want to purchase a new product that it designed just for that purpose with all the useful tools to go along with it.  So we are just looking for some thoughts on products that people may have integrated with Laserfiche already.  Thanks for any help.   

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replied on February 13, 2017

We use Solarwinds Web Help Desk as our IT Help Desk software.    It is quite easy to open a basic help desk ticket from Forms using  just an email.   Linking a form to the help desk through Workflow allows almost any help desk function to be accomplished including the return of ticket numbers, status,  client names etc.   The Solarwinds Help Desk has a pretty robust API that makes the interface pretty simple and powerful through Laserfiche Workflow and Forms.

We also use Lansweeper for a lot of our asset tracking.   I can't say enough good thing about Lansweeper and the price can't be beat.  yes  We are starting to integrate our LF forms to make updates in Lansweeper.   This is through Workflow again and directly updating the Lansweeper database tables. ( although Lansweeper does not support or encourage directly accessing the database tables in this way )

The Solarwinds Help desk integrates directly with Lansweeper to pull assets into the ticketing system, no additional work is necessary.  ( this is actually how we discovered Lansweeper ).    Lansweeper also recently incorporated a Help Desk into it's software!   It's not quite as robust as the Solarwinds help desk so we don't utilize it but worth checking out.

These are two products that we are using.   As a disclaimer I have no other interests in these companies other than being a customer.    If you need more details on how we are interfacing with either I would be happy to share.



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replied on November 19, 2018

If you are using Solar Winds, they have a really good guide on their API and you can use workflow to send Web Requests to gather information, then send a JQuery to open a ticket, this has worked out quite well for us as we can dictate exactly what information we would like on a ticket. Something to bear in mind is that, if using a JQuery you need to ensure you don't have and Returns in your free text as this was a headache for some time, keep to single text input on your form so that it is lean and will work first time when implementing.

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replied on September 28, 2017

Hi Karriann


I am about to embark on an automation of ticket raising in Web help desk and was wondering your progress with this.

Were you able to implement forms as a front end to raise a new ticket, and how was the integration was there anything which could have been avoided or any best practices with this. 


Kind Regards

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replied on November 16, 2018

We are in the same boat...  Any progress?  Very curious :)

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