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SSL Thick Client to Server Configuration

asked on November 27, 2016

I have not done the following yet I can connect the Laserfiche Client via SSL Port 443 externally using the Full Client. I do have a Cert configured for IIS. I know it is using Port 443 as it is the only Port Open on the Firewall.

Has something changed as in the client configuration below?

Is this only required to force SSL in the case where Port 80 can still connect?

Perhaps it is not actually a secure channel without the above configuration.

Looking to clarify a couple things:

The following shows the need to configure a Reg Key for the Client:

I only clicked the SSL Link and that seems to work fine (I checked the Registry later and the Key is there)

Looks as though checking the box creates the key.

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replied on November 28, 2016

The LF server sits on top of the same HTTP server as IIS, so it sounds like the certificate configured in IIS is being used by the LF server.  You can use Wireshark to verify that the connection is encrypted.

The UseSSL registry key for the client is not required to connect over SSL, the client follows the checkbox when attaching the repository.

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replied on January 7, 2021

So to be clear... When using SSL on the Windows Client, you are required to use the FQDN on the SSL certificate and not the IP address correct?  and, no other ports are needed outside of 443?

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replied on January 7, 2021

Correct, use the FQDN with no port.

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