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Useful workflow for LF admins - Organize your Repo into Volumes by year

posted on April 29, 2016

Hello everyone!

I have been working on a workflow I've found to be very useful.

I have a repository with a few hundred GB of docs in it, accumulated over the years.

For us, having a couple very large volumes wasn't desirable, and I really wanted to migrate to volumes by year.

So... since workflow is so awesome, I thought I'd make one.  (Two, really, one for migration and one for docs as they are created)

These are fairly simple, compared to some of the masterful workflows I've seen out there, but it could be useful to some admin in the future.

Simple, no?

Before you start you need to create volumes for each of the years.  Now, you could also create volumes for any piece of metadata that makes sense for your organization - maybe volumes by template, or volumes by a specific field?

The "Search Repository" step should be configured to search for whatever docs should be migrated.  In my case, I put in a search for a specific volume.

Next, we loop through all the results (For each...)

The Try-catch is in case something happens,  Maybe you didn't pre-create the volume.  Maybe someone deleted a doc after the search occurred but before the migrate happened.  Without the try-catch, your WF will terminate.

We use a "find entry" to grab the Modified date from the specific doc we are handling this iteration.

Then, we migrate that doc!  I used a date format to grab just they 4-digit year.

And we repeat, over and over.


Publish, then start it from Designer.  Now, this may take a LONG time but that's ok.  Log out.  Come back later to check on it.  Watch your volumes migrate by themselves.

Before (or very soon after) you should add a variant of this workflow to handle newly created/changed docs.

Use "Entry created" "Entry modified" and "Entry Copied" for the starting rule, and use the try-Catch branch with a few modifications to point to the starting entry.  This will make all new docs follow the same migration rules.

So, a few easy steps to easy volume maintenance.  

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