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DocuSignConnectService Communication Question

asked on April 21, 2016 Show version history

We were reviewing the DocuSign integration and found in the C:\Program Files\Laserfiche\Web Import Services\DocuSignConnectService\web.config file the following configuration parameter which appears to specify the URL that LF uses for the DocuSign API: 

endpoint address="" binding="basicHttpBinding" bindingConfiguration="APIServiceSoap" contract="DocuSignAPI.APIServiceSoap" name="APIServiceSoap" 

What caught our eye was the hostname in the url, i.e. In reviewing DocuSign's API documentation, it looks like they indicate their production API environment is at, and indeed the same web service/API appears to be available at

Our concern is that we're deploying production LF systems that are integrating this feature with a demo (non-production) instance of the DocuSign API.  Docusign may not be as concerned about keeping it's demo instance as highly available (uptime) as their production instance, or may make unannounced changes to their demo system, etc.

Was this perhaps an oversight (specifying the demo URL in the config)?  Or are we misinterpreting something here?

Just checking - thanks!

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replied on April 21, 2016 Show version history

Thanks for bringing this to our attention: you are correct that the url should be,  not

We have filed a change request so that the default URL is the production URL, not the demo URL.

Edit: However, as noted below, the DocuSign URL in this config file is not currently used by the integration, so the integration should functional without the change.


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replied on April 21, 2016

I would add to this that the main reason that this had escaped our attention is that this URL is not ever used.  Web Import Services does not initiate any communcation with DocuSign; it only receives envelopes that DocuSign pushes out (from either the demo or production DocuSign environments).

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replied on April 25, 2016


For solely the import of a document from DocuSign, sure. 

But surely that URL is used to invoke the DocuSign API when using the "Request Signature with DocuSign" option on a document in WebAccess?  

When looking at an end to end scenario with LF / DocuSign integration, it seems like it would flow as follows:

  • document exists in Laserfiche, user "requests signature with DocuSign"
  • WebAccess posts document to DocuSign API, including passing user's DocuSign account info and identifying the DocuSign Template the document matches. 
  • DocuSign handles the signing process
  • DocuSign exercises the LF Web Import Services API to import signed document back into LF.   


In the second step, this URL would be exercised. 

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replied on April 25, 2016 Show version history

The DocuSign Import Service installation is actually completely separate from the feature in Web Access that allows you to send to DocuSign.  The DocuSign Import Service only ever receives information.

The Web Access installation has its own configuration files, two of which are involved in configuring the signature request feature. The Web Access does in fact, have the correct URL, so sending to DocuSign is unaffected.

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