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Feature Request: Workflow Designer debugger

posted on April 18, 2016 Show version history

Currently in Workflow Designer there is a button (green triangle) on Toolbar that provides the ability to "run the current workflow". This provides the ability to start the workflow at any place and with input specified.

I was thinking what if we had the ability to run a workflow in "debug" mode. you then have the ability to run only one item in the workflow and see all tokens and everything else that goes with it for only that one item. Once happy it allows you to step to the next step. etc. This way you are debugging your workflow by working through it.

I would still like to see the current functionality where you run via toolbar, but added to that a debug mode.

Is there anybody else that believes that this will add value?

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replied on May 2, 2017

Agreed!  I'm not the biggest fan of having to put in a bunch of logging code just to find out which line is bombing.

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replied on February 8, 2017

Yes, this will be helpful feature which we hope to see.

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