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Laserfiche is pleased to announce the release of Laserfiche Connector 10.  This is a major release that includes new features and enhancements. Additionally, Laserfiche Connector is now available in Spanish, French, Arabic, and Portuguese (Brazilian). 


New Laserfiche Connector features:

  • The write data action creates a profile that gets information from one application and inserts it into another application.
  • The assign templates and fields action, import action, and scan action have the option to assign metadata to, import into, or scan into the document currently open in the Laserfiche Client.
  • The assign template and fields action and import action both can be performed through Web Access 10.
  • The search action has an option to automatically show the number of search results for a profile next to the Laserfiche Connector button.
  • You can specify entry type when configuring searches.
  • Profiles can be loaded from a custom location, such as a network drive. Loading profiles from a network drive streamlines deploying and updating profiles across machines.


Laserfiche has confirmed compatibility with these applications. Note that this link is not a comprehensive list of compatibility; Laserfiche Connector is compatible with many applications not on the list.


Next steps:

  1. Download the installation package for Laserfiche Connector 10 in zip format or ISO format.
  2. See a list of changes for Laserfiche Connector 10.
  3. Read release notes for Laserfiche Connector 10.
  4. Visit for videos, forums, Knowledge Base articles, and more.
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