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Public Records Request Automation- Best Practices from the City of Ithaca

posted on February 23, 2016

Hi all,

I wanted to let you know about an exciting webinar we'll be hosting for our government customers on March 22nd at 10:00 am PT/1:00 pm ET. The City of Ithaca will be sharing how they automated the public records request process, which resulted in a 35% reduction in time spent responding to requests. I know this is a common process that government organizations are looking to automate, so I hope you all can join us!

You can register for the webinar here. 

Let me know if you have any questions!


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replied on March 23, 2016

For those of you that missed the webinar, you can find the recording here. Enjoy!

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replied on February 24, 2016

Thank for the heads up. I just registered.

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replied on February 24, 2016

Done!  Awesome

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