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Token Accumulator is duplicating results

asked on February 19, 2016 Show version history

I have a multi-paged invoice where I am retrieving the invoice lines in a token accumulator using a Multi-Value Token ZoneOCR. I am using regular expressions to retrieve each column from the line to be displayed within the token accumulator as "Line Description|Shipment Qty|UOM|Price Rate" 

However, the invoice lines may contain a shipment qty, while other lines do not.

I attempted to get around this by creating a second token accumulator and using regex to retrieve lines that do not have shipment qty and formatting the token as "Line Description|{Empty}|UOM|Price Rate".

I placed both token accumulator tokens within the same template field called QF INVOICE LINES, which is a multi-value field. This did not work because Quick Fields would only take the first value within the first token accumulator. Then it would list the remaining lines from the second token accumulator.

As a way to solve this problem, I tried creating a third token accumulator and adding the original two tokens to this third one so as to only have one token that would have both values.

It does work, however it duplicates the values for every page it processes.

The invoice I am using as a test sample has 15 pages and for each page it retrieves the values from the token accumulator and inserts it into the field. 

I do not want to use the "Remove Duplicates" function within the Token Dialog Box as their are multiple purchases of the same order that are displayed within the Invoice.

Is this expected behavior and is there a way around this? 

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replied on October 19, 2016

I have a similar session I'm building.  I caught your comment about "Remove Duplicates" within the Token Dialog Box!  I would like to see how to use that function, but I cannot see it.  Can you show me how to get that set up?  Oh, never mind, I found it.  Posting here for anyone else wondering about this:



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