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Laserfiche Connector 10?

posted on February 17, 2016 Show version history

I know at the conference this year it was mentioned that there would be future enhancements to connector that allow reverse capability (i.e. pushing laserfiche metadata to a 3rd party site or app).

However what a client of ours is looking for is the ability to fill out the metadata on a document that is already in laserfiche. I.e. Laserfiche Import Agent or QF agent brings in a document to a queue, a user looks up the information in a 3rd party site and uses connector to fill out the metadata automatically. Since the documents come in mixed and some of them will process automatically through Quick Fields or another process, they want to use this for all of the exceptions that come through.


This was mentioend as a possible future enhancement before last summer's release - is it potentially on the page for connector 10?

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Updating field values on existing documents

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