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Global Enterprise search

asked on February 9, 2016 Show version history


I have a scenario where customers want to search within their Laserfiche system for documents but also want to connect other external system's database to the Laserfiche search in order to provide a Laserfiche centralised enterprise search.  The customer has 7 other corporate systems that we may want to interconnect for search.

Is there a way to configure Laseriche LFFTS or LFS to map other database to LF search?


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replied on February 15, 2016

The Laserfiche web site search federates various sources of information about Laserfiche into a single search using LFFTS. For the right opportunity, there may be a way to build an implementation for your customer. Contact LFC if you are interested.




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replied on February 16, 2016

Thanks Kurt for this response.

The link you provided doesn't seem to be related to Federated Search as it only brings info related to QuickFields and Import Agent.

You are however refering to the Laserfiche Web site that is capable of doing federated search and it uses the LFFTS engine. Am I right in my undestanding?

I have done additional search on the Laserfiche sites but I am not finding any technical information that can help me configure or determine how can I start using LFFTS to perform this task.

In order to do so, does it require a modified version of the LFFTS or it is a set of parameters (registry keys) that can be configured?

I think this would be great if we would get a high level view on how this can be acheive (and include some of the key technical information).

Thank you.

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replied on February 16, 2016

It's not a packaged release. The link I gave is an example of a federated search executed by LFFTS. To consider a custom project to use it with a customer, you would need to work with us through Laserfiche Consulting.

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replied on February 17, 2016

Ok, thanks.

We will see how the project goes and we will do when appropriate.


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