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Print Records Management metadata as a certificate of destruction

asked on January 21, 2016

Can you print Records Management metadata as a certificate of destruction?

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Hi Zaheer,

Could you just PDF or Word form filler for this? With v10 of Forms & Wokflow you could have Forms generate and complete the destruction certificate, then route it to a records manager to ensure the destruction has taken place according to policy, before printing it.



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replied on January 22, 2016


Thank you for the suggestion but I'm looking for an easy way for an end user to simply produce a document from Laserfiche showing the metadata. What I'm thinking of is almost like the current "Generate Report" button.



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replied on January 22, 2016

Ben's idea could still work if you used a Business Process using workflow. So the end user could right-click on an entry and start the corresponding business process. It could create the PDF or Word document and email to the user.

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replied on January 22, 2016

As Blake said. Also BPM functions can be added to the Laserfiche button bar as well, allowing users to select one or multiple documents and/or folders, then request a batch of certificates from a single click. 



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replied on September 2, 2016

Has anyone created a workflow like this?  I'm just starting this process and would like to see the details of the BP workflow.

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replied on September 20, 2016

i did one like that, and i am using now in v 10 update word document, so you can update a static token or dynamic token.

In addition you can build a table if you want and insert on it a multi field values.

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replied on September 21, 2016

Would you be willing to share some of the details to help me get started?  I document how I build my workflows, as I need to see it to understand sometimes.  Something like this:

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I think I know what you mean. Could you give me some sample criteria just to be sure I know what you mean? For example:


"Use clicks a button is clicked and a CSV (or Word document or PDF) is generated containing a list of records which are immediately eligable for disposition"



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replied on September 22, 2016

I'm looking for how to actually make it happen.  And I may have been reading two separate Answers threads and posted to the wrong one, but what I'm doing is looking at using Workflow to create a table of information based on the documents ready for destruction, have the users approve destruction of each (a Yes on the table?), have the table reflect the destruction complete, and then be able to print the table for permanent safe keeping as part of my Records Retention Index and Certification of Destruction.

I'm a "see and copy" type of creator.  I need to see it done and then adapt it for me.  I'm not good at starting something from scratch, so I was looking for details on how to get the Workflow (now I'm thinking Business Process) started; what activities to use, what rules for starting the process, etc.

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replied on September 23, 2016 Show version history

Hi Connie & Zaheer,

Zaheer, what you're asking for sounds like a simple Business Process with a Search Activity, a For Each Entry Activity and Created PDF activity. It's quite simple and straight forward, providing you're happy for the report to show all records ready for disposal (or limited to the highlighted folder).

Connie, as you've asked for interaction, what you're after sounds more complex.

For the type of presentation you're suggesting - specifically a table view - I can think if two ways:

1. Create a Laserfiche-inegrated web page to display the documents and yes/no option.

2. Use LF Forms to display the table of documents with a yes/no option.

My preference is to use Forms because then you can add additional review tasks and the majority of the development has been done.

Just working through this in my head, here's what I think I would do...

  1. User opens the "Disposal" form. Perhaps this form could include a date field so you can filter which documents to review and dispose.
  2. The form then calls a database view or stored procedure to request the list of document and display them in a table.
  3. There is a function now for Workflow to send information to forms, so perhaps this could be used to negate the need for a view or stored procedure. In which case, Step 1 (above) would actually be initiated by Workflow, not a user... Adding the workflow complexity to negate the creation a view is personal choice. I would go the view or stored procedure route. Either way, Step 4 is the same...
  4. There is now a table of documents to be review and markes for destruction. Javascript or JQuery would be required to ensure that all fields, apart from yes/no were read only.
  5. I'd also add additional JQuery to provide a link for each document to allow the user to click a button to see the document in Web Access, just or review purposes.
  6. User clicks on "submit" and a workflow is envoked to process all the documents marked as "yes"
  7. The workflow will destroy the documents and generate a destruction certificate (as a PDF or Word document) which it will save to the "Destruction Certificates" folder in Laserfiche.
  8. You said you wanted to print the certificate. How come? Either way, you can load the cert from LF and print it at your leisure.


Does that sound about right?

If so, I don't have spare time at the moment. I would offer to do it as a chargeable mini-project but I suspect someone might offer to do this for free for you. Someone at Laserfiche might offer too :)



EDIT: For steps 2 & 3, I would use a daily scheduled workflow to populate a table used for the lookup.

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replied on September 26, 2016

Ben:  I LOVE the idea of using forms for this!  I have many plans for Forms, but haven't been able to set aside the time to work on and finish those projects yet.  This one is something I can focus on and provide to my CAO.  Once the chief officers see it in action, I can promote the other ideas again and get approval for the time that would be spent on them!  Each department will also see the advantage, after they've been through the BP for this and I can then approach them to give me ideas where I can create things for them specifically! 

I've already created the Workflow that uses a search to find all documents up for destruction, and places shortcuts in a folder for staff to view and make decisions on. 

I have very little experience with JavaScript and none with JQuery, but I'm thinking just an instruction in the form that tells them where to find the documents waiting for approval.  I already have an email that is sent to staff with a link to that folder. 


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