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Announcing the release of Laserfiche 10!

posted on December 1, 2015 Show version history

Laserfiche is pleased to announce the release of Laserfiche Rio, Laserfiche Avante, and Laserfiche Forms 10. Laserfiche 10 features an all-new fast and responsive interface for Web Access, which combines the administrative convenience of a single web interface to the repository with a new design to make using Web Access easy and enjoyable for users. Laserfiche 10 also includes new features and performance enhancements across the entire suite, from new administrative tools to user experience improvements to new Workflow activities and enhanced Workflow interaction with Laserfiche Forms.


Language Support

The Laserfiche Server, Client, Web Access, and the Mobile server are available in Spanish, French, and Portuguese (Brazilian), Arabic, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, and Italian. Laserfiche Forms and Workflow are available in Spanish, French, and Portuguese (Brazilian), and Arabic. Laserfiche Directory Server, Social BPM, and the Mobile app are available in Spanish, French, and Portuguese (Brazilian).



The Laserfiche Server, Client, and Web Access 10 include a number of new enhancements to make it easier to both administer and use Laserfiche, in both Web Access and the desktop Client. These include the ability to star items for future reference, mark fields as required on a template-by-template basis, perform searches in the recycle bin, and lock down user settings. In addition, Web Access has been reimagined from the ground up, providing a modern, streamlined, and responsive experience when working in your Laserfiche repository on desktop, tablet, and mobile environments. It also brings a host of new features such as a discussions integration with Laserfiche Social BPM, quick access views for easy access to important documents, direct email drag-and-drop for Outlook, and many others. Finally, Web Access 10 is fully AA compliant with the Web Content Accessibility (WCAG) 2.0 guidelines.

Laserfiche Forms 10 includes a number of new features. Task management has been enhanced with the ability to assign tasks to an entire team and then delegate them among the team members, and to save in-progress tasks as draft to come back to later. Forms now supports native calculations, allowing you to perform functions on data without scripting, as well as enhancements to lookup and processing that provide more control and better user experience across your forms processes. The introduction of process stages and the operational dashboard provides a one-stop report for monitoring process activity. Finally, Forms features a closer integration with Workflow that allows you to take advantage of the power of Workflow alongside the user-friendly design of Forms.

Laserfiche Workflow 10 includes several powerful new enhancements. Dynamic document creation lets you generate letters, agendas, or any other type of standardized document from a base Word document template, and then to populate it with variables from any Workflow process. The enhanced interactions with Forms allows workflows to respond to a Forms process launching Workflow, filling in any process variables with tokens from the Workflow process. It also provides the ability to easily launch new Forms processes from Workflow and pass along starting parameters. 

Laserfiche Mobile 10 has been updated to include full support for Forms teams and task management, and syncs up with Web Access and the desktop Client to set and display starred entries and recently opened documents. Quick Capture provides offline support for Mobile’s image editing functionality, for later import into the Laserfiche repository or to share with others outside the repository. Lastly, signatures can now be added and burned into to documents and images when importing into the repository, uploading as forms attachments, or through Quick Capture. 

Laserfiche Directory Server 10 features new global Laserfiche users, allowing you to create, manage, and license users in one place across all Laserfiche applications. It also features support for single sign-on, which provides the ability to sign in and out once across all Laserfiche web applications, and allows directory authentication without Kerberos. In addition, Laserfiche Directory Server now supports failover clustering. 

The Laserfiche 10 suite provides a host of features aimed at both simplifying administrative overhead and at improving user experience in the repository.


Further Information

For more information, see the following resources:


You can download Laserfiche 10 using the links below:


Please feel free to post any questions you may have about the release, and members of the development team will be happy to answer them.

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replied on March 14, 2016

Hi Justin,

Would the examples you referenced in these webinars be available as a download?

Specifically I'd like a look at the Forms/Workflow integration example you spoke about

 - Where a HR document is selected from the Repository and a Business Process Ran on it

- This Business Process collects who is required to "sign off" on the document and sends it to these people as a simple form with the document embedded in via a Web Access Viewer.


Much appreciated.

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replied on September 7, 2016

Hi Justin,

I am looking for an updated Product Suite Brochure that includes these updated features. Currently I can only find Laserfiche Product Suite 2011. 






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