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Site updated with new features!

posted on November 19, 2015

You should've all received a notification about all the new exciting features we've added to Laserfiche Answers.   To view them again, just click on the bell icon.  

The new major features are listed below for reference:

  • Enhanced discussion posts

    • View revision history, create a checklist, and track your progress.

  • Notifications

    • In-site notifications are now in the navigation.

  • View revision history
    • You can see the changes you've made by clicking the "Show version history" link.

    • You can also select a past version of the top level post to see all changes made.

  • Create a checklist
    • You or group contributors can mark off tasks.
    • Start by replying to a new discussion post and selecting the checklist option.


  • Track your progress
    • All sub-discussions, questions and checklists can now be marked as resolved or completed.
    • You can track the discussion post'progress in the sidebar.


If you have questions or feedback, please leave them below.



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replied on November 20, 2015

Great features! Love the Notifications!

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