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Today (this has happened other days as well) I received an email from our HR department saying that a form from Laserfiche Forms was submitted and the instance history said that the form had been saved to the repository and they could not find it in the employee's folder. Thinking that it was probably something wrong with how the system was configured.

I was able to find the instance history in Forms and see the date it saved the document into the repository along with what was on the form. I took note of the employee number. I tried doing multiple searches for documents in the repository with no results. I then did a search based on the date the save to repository task completed. It returned quite a few results, but because we utilize Workflow to make sure all of our documents have a consistent naming scheme, I was able to filter it down to a handful of documents. Going through them at that point, I found one that had the incorrect employee's name. Glancing at the employee number that was assigned by HR and the one for the employee it was saved for in Laserfiche, HR had entered the wrong employee number and hence it was saved under someone else's employee folder.

I probably could have solved this sooner just by searching by employee number, but our search index was corrupt (working on fixing that). But even with my search problems, I was able to narrow down the documents within 10 minutes and find what the problem was.

Could you have even imagined what we would have done if this was all on paper and someone had put it into the incorrect employees paper folder?!

So, I just wanted to give a thank you to the team at Laserfiche for making a wonderful product that makes moments like these a little less stressfull! And by a little, I mean a lot.

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