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Where are laserfiche files stored

asked on October 11, 2015

A customer has asked, in a worst case scenario, if the SQL server and it's backup failed, is it possible to retrieve the files stored in Laserfiche?

Can files stored in Laserfiche be found via the Windows folder structure in the volume files?

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replied on October 12, 2015

Hi Jonathan,


Laserfiche is essentially divided into 2 parts. SQL and the Laserfiche volumes. You need both of these to restore from a backup. Attached is a white paper on Laserfiche backup and recovery. This should have all the info you need.



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Jonathan - I think to answer your question directly; yes the documents stored in Laserfiche are available as TIF images in the Repository folder structure (if pages were generated).  But without the associated metadata stored in SQL I doubt that they would be of much value.  The naming syntax for the documents and their folder structures are hex values so you would have no way to find a document or identify it without actually opening it.

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The short answer is "Not really". the long answer is "maybe, but you need the database to have a hope of putting it together."


Chris Douglas's link to the white paper is a good technical explanation but the best explanation I've used with customers is to explain to them that each page of the document is named sequentially without regard to which document it's part of and the database knows how to put them back together to offer up to the client. This way it doesn't matter if you rename or move the document inside laserfiche, and if you are flipping between four or five different 100 page documents you don't have to load all 100 pages just to see the cover page and realize it's not the right one. (...and this would be where you segue into "of course if you design your repository right, you shouldn't even need to flip between them since the metadata will point you to the right one every time...."). 

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