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Edit button in Agenda Manager 9

asked on October 9, 2015

Does Chrome or Firefox support the edit attachment feature in Agenda Manager 9?  When viewing a submitted attachment, I noticed the edit button does not appear in Firefox or Chrome but it is available when using IE.


Side Note:  Concerning the edit feature in general, I am aware of the issue with the virtual directory pointing to the wrong physical path for the AMWorkingFolder.  We are testing but we believe there can be a workaround by creating a Junction in the ASP folder pointing to the AMWorkingFolder  in the windows file structure.  So far that is working.

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replied on October 9, 2015 Show version history

Hi Jeff,

To edit agenda item attachments, only support IE.


To edit agenda item attachments, Web-based Distributed Authoring and Versioning (WebDAV) must be installed and enabled.  Some versions of IIS require you to manually install and configure this component. Refer to the IIS documentation for more information. Please see Agenda Maganer help document.


To install WebDAV, you may reference Enable WebDAV in IIS 6 and Installing and Configuring WebDAV on IIS 7 and Later.


Hope that helps you.



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