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LFDS - Automatic Creation in Workflow

asked on September 24, 2015

Is there a way to automatically create users in LFDS and LF Admin Console based on a Workflow WITHOUT having the Laserfiche SDK?

I cannot find any specific tables in the SQL database that look like you could insert into. The user information comes off a form in this workflow (PDF form, not LF Forms).

If you have the SDK, is it possible?

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replied on September 24, 2015

You don't need the Laserfiche SDK to create users in LFDS. You could script it using LicenseManagerObjects.dll as a reference, but at this time we don't have documentation for this library. The library is installed with LFDS.

Creating users by inserting them directly into the LFDS SQL database is not supported.

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replied on September 24, 2015

Excellent. I will work with that.

What about the LF Administration Console for adding a Windows Account? Same DLL reference?

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replied on February 20, 2017

Is there an example, of how to create a Windows user into the LFDS using sdk script?

that could help.


or if you have the documentation for LicenseManagerObjects.dll , that will be good too



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replied on February 20, 2017

You can try this. 

The only thing that I just notice is you need to have the trustee already in the LFDS, seems there's no way to add a trustee to LFDS

Server server = new Server("Server");
ServerManagement sm = new ServerManagement(server);
LaserficheNamedUserDatabase nudb = LaserficheNamedUserDatabase.GetFromServerManagement(sm);
nudb.RegisterLaserficheNamedUser(@"AD\User", "Repository", NamedUserStatus.ReadWrite);
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replied on August 8

Bumping this thread.

Anyone had any luck with creating an LFDS user via workflow/script?  

If not, has the documentation for LicenceManagerObjects.dll been released?

Be great to get a response from Laserfiche here because Tech Support is always sending us here to ask questions but they rarely get answered.

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replied on August 12 Show version history

The documentation is only available upon request through your regional or territory manager, and typically you must already have the regular Laserfiche SDK.

Like the regular SDK documentation, it includes both object definitions that you can reference as well as specific examples.

It does include an example for how to create and update a user, as well as how to properly initiate and authentication connections to the licensing database.

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replied on August 13

Hi Brianna,

Thanks for the reply, any chance you advise Nadia Bhandari who is our manager and how to get this please.





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replied on January 22, 2016 Show version history

Miruna, I've referenced LicenseManagerObjects.dll successfully but I'm having a bear of a time figuring out how to connect to a particular LFDS instance, and then which objects to use in creating a user in Directory Services, and assigning it to an Organization/Group. Could you offer some pointers?

I need to create and license 500 users in both a repository and LFDS, and this seems like the quickest way. I've already figured out the part about adding them to the repository.

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replied on January 22, 2016

Do you have a list of the users? LFDS allows importing Laserfiche users through CSV files.

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replied on January 26, 2016 Show version history

Thanks Miruna!

This will get us started until better documentation exists. What I really want to do is synchronize my licensing with a table that exists in an ERP system - their usernames match up with usernames in Active Directory to a point, but there is no AD group that has this exact synchronization that I am looking for. I need one particular "role" in this ERP system to match up to who is licensed in a particular Laserfiche "organization."

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replied on February 3, 2016

Also realized today that the excel sheet doesn't work for AD users.

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replied on February 3, 2016

AD users would be handled by Active Directory group synchronization.

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replied on February 4, 2016

I agree that's a great way to load them quickly, but it doesn't let you do things like flag them as Forms Participants or Full Licenses the way that the spreadsheet does.

replied on December 19, 2016

Hi guys, thanks for the advice.

I started to use the same library (LicenseManagerObjects.dll ) to add a Licensee in the License Manager with a SDK Script in the Workflow.

I want to ask for your support, I added some code like this:

 String hostLM = "ServerHostLM";
 Ticket LMTicket = new Ticket();

LicenseManagerServer LMServer = LicenseManagerServer.Connect(LMTicket, hostLM, false);
    LicenseDatabase LDB = LMServer.GetLicenseDatabase("license_db");
    Laserfiche.Licensing.NamedUser userNamed = LDB.GetNamedUser(acctRef.ToSecurityIdentifier().Value);
catch(Exception ex){

But I have receiving the message: "The Remote Server returned an error: (401) Unauthorized"

So I think that in some time I have to send a user/password, because my user is administrator but this script doesn't work when I run it.



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