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Import Agent using XML files and creating Relationship between doc

asked on September 23, 2015

I created a xml file to import to laserfiche some email, filling the template fields : from, to , cc, bcc, subject and date.  Also adding the attachment of those email as electronic documents.

Now i need to include the syntax to make the relationships between the attachment and the message, but i can't find any examples with this type of link.

attach is a sample xml file with the import process without the relantionship.

How i can include this link between the message and the attachment directly on the xml, i know that i can do that on workflow but i rather include it on the xml.

test.txt (2.29 KB)
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replied on September 24, 2015

Hi Pedro,

Yes, you can include relationships on the xml. There are two places to change for the sample xml. First, give the document an "id" attribute so that it can be referenced by the relationship. The id attribute should be unique in the xml. Second, add entrylink elements into the document element.


Please take a look at the attached xml, replace the relationship with the one in your repository and have a try!

test.txt (2.48 KB)
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