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Import Agent - Certain PDF files do not process

asked on September 8, 2015

I have import agent configured to monitor a folder on my desktop, and import only PDF files into Laserfiche. I've noticed that certain files will not import, and stay in the hotfolder on my desktop. They do not move to Processed or IAError, they sit in the hotfolder as if they are unrecognized or not the correct file type.

I noticed that if I open the suspect pdf's then re-save them, Import Agent successfully imports the saved version of the same file to Laserfiche.


Has anyone experienced this issue? What can I do to get Import Agent to work correctly without requiring my end users to open the pdf and re-save it each time a document gets "stuck"?

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replied on September 8, 2015

Prior to re-saving the PDF, what was the last modified date creation date of those PDFs?

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replied on March 1, 2016 Show version history

I just started having this problem this week, exactly as described above, also re-saving them does seem to work for us.  We are using Laserfiche and Import Agent  The creation date of the documents have been the current recent date when they were made. 

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replied on March 16, 2016

Hi Tony, please create a support case for this issue, and attach the issued pdf files to the case. We will look into this issue deeper from there. Thanks.

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