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Best Configuration of 3 Servers for Avante

asked on July 30, 2015 Show version history

I just received word that I will be given another server for Laserfiche! That makes a total of 3 separate boxes. I don't know the specs yet, but I am certain they will be above average running MS Server 2012.

Any recommendations for configuring them? A freebie is that one will be dedicated as a SQL server.

Here are the pieces of the puzzle:

  • Avante (230 Users)
  • IIS
  • WebAccess
  • WebLink
  • Mobile
  • Workflow
  • Audit Trail
  • SQL Server


I have read about offloading Lffts and also indexing to a separate machine. Would that come into play?


I imagine the machine running the Laserfiche Server service should be configured as 'file server' and the IIS machine should be configures as a 'web server'. Any thoughts?

Has anyone been down this road before that can help make a recommendation?

Thank you in advance!

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replied on August 10, 2015

Yes! Agreed that SQL Server should have it's own box!

In terms of what should go where, it really depends on how you use Laserfiche and which one requires the more resources. I recommend monitoring your current setup to see which application uses the most resource first before making a decision.

In terms of LFFTS, how much searching are you doing? Do you have any search performance issues? If not, then there isn't a major concern to move LFFTS to separate box.

I have definitely seen many setups where they separate the web products but I would definitely monitor your current system first.

Check out our Hardware and Planning Specification white paper and Designing your Laserfiche Environment presentation for more ideas.

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replied on September 15, 2015 Show version history

Hi, Christ


We recently decided to move LFFTS service to a new server. We noticed when user's performed full text search on certain key words it would crash our server. Moving service will depend on our environment are  you planning on OCR'ing all your documents to allow document text search? are you going to rely on your users using only metadata for searching?


We started with Avante about 2 years ago with a similar setup but as our usage has increased we move certain items to different servers.

1. Laserfiche Server

  • Web Access
  • Audit Trail

2. Weblink Server

  • IIS
  • Public Portal Access
  • Employee Portal Access

3. Workflow Server

4. SQL Server

5. LF-FTS Server

6. Laserfiche Forms Server

  • DMZ for Public Forms





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replied on August 11, 2015 Show version history

I have not seen this PowerPoint yet. It is very helpful. Thank you!!

I am being given 2 new servers in lieu of having my overworked IT manager troubleshoot several bottlenecks my system has. I still need to accept the servers as I don't know when the offer will happen again :)

However, I am not convinced the bottlenecks will be resolved.... I believe the issue is a network issue, but we lack a network admin here....

Can you recommend any resources for troubleshooting network settings? ie: network adapters, firewall, anti-virus?

Unfortunately, my VAR is not interested in addressing this subject whatsoever.

I have found some bad settings in my NIC cards and have seen some minor performance improvement.


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replied on September 16, 2015

Thank you Ivan! This is exactly the kind of feedback I was hoping to get when I posted this question. This is very useful to me. Thanks again!!

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