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Feature Request - Answers Forum - Add "Enhancement Request" Topic with Voting

posted on July 17, 2015

It would be valuable if a dedicated enhancement request topic was added to the Answers forums where users could submit their feature request in a dedicated area while still tagging it as a Workflow, Forms, or other product to maintain search filtering.

Adding voting functionality would allow the user base to help publicly identify software enhancements needed by the community and Laserfiche development could easily prioritize those enhancements.  For example, you could allocate every user 50 votes and users could use anywhere from 1 vote up to 5 votes for a single enhancement request.  A user would then be encouraged to vote only on what they really want by having a limited number of votes and those votes would be returned to them once an enhancement feature was closed (by being marked by development for a future release, etc.)   

I think this would be valuable in helping the Laserfiche community help identify what enhancements would really benefit Laserfiche.  Just a thought!


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replied on July 23, 2015

I think Chad has a great idea. I'd love to see this implemented!

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