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Delegate tasks of a user to another user

asked on June 5, 2015

Is there any way a user can delegate their tasks to another user, while on a vacation? The user should have the ability to assign all incoming tasks to another user for a specific period of time (start / end days of holidays).


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replied on January 26

Dear Laserfiche,


It is very important to achieve this feature in Laserfiche and I don't think it is hard to do since you already have the concept of reassign task.


It is just about adding a button on the forms where a user can delegate his/her tasks to another user, so:


- current running processes will be assigned to the delegated users.

- new submission will comes to the delegated user.


the concept is there (reassign task). Instead to be by instance , it needs away to make it for all running instances or per business process selection.

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replied on June 5, 2015

In version 10 it will include a Team feature that will allow a team manager the ability to reassign tasks to other users. I have not heard if something could be set up to automatically assign tasks to another user for a set time period though. That would be a nice feature.

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replied on June 5, 2015

It would be preferred to have this as a feature. Where the user himself can delegate while they go for a vacation.

I am currently proposing Laserfiche forms for one of the universities, where they do have a lot of business process that would probably go on Laserfiche forms. Head of departments who are involved in lot of approval processes, keep shifting (either on vacation or rotate out). It is not practical every time go edit the process to change the user, as the frequency of changes are quite high.


I have seen this as a feature in Ultimus.

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replied on December 2, 2016

Hello Laserfiche,


Any good news about the delegation in version 10.2?



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replied on June 5, 2015

Hello Hakim,


It can be done, it just depends on your circumstances. If you wish to change an instance that is already running and in the process of being approved by the user on vacation, then that said instance can not be delegated to someone else. However you can add an additional user to the "User task", and all instances that are initiated after this change can have that task delegated to the new user, but the current active ones that are already on that vacation person User Task step can not.  


However as briefly mentioned, if say, you know the person is going to be on vacation, then in the user task, you can just add the desired user onto the list, then whomever is on the list can push that process along.


Hope this helps or is what you're referring to. If not please elaborate a bit more on what you are trying to achieve.

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replied on June 7, 2015

We just had the same request from a customer. I ended up building a "reroute" field into each of their forms. If the field is filled out, then the form automatically routes to the user selected. The customer also has a copy of each form sent to an admin InBox so that if someone is out, an administrator can log in and select the reroute field for forms that need to keep moving.

I'm looking forward to the Team feature Blake mentioned!

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replied on June 8, 2015

I handle it the same way Sheila does with a re-route or timer based movement which assigns the task to a user based on a variable.


For ongoing/active ones where it's sitting on say "Jerry" and it needs to go to "Tom" the only way I'm aware of is updating the Forms SQL tables directly. This can be built in as a form w/ a sql data source but is risky as you're working outside the approved framework of Laserfiche so it could break at the slightest update and a mistake in implementation could force a reinstallation or recovery of your Forms instance. 


I'd suggest Sheila's route or Blake's mention of waiting for the next major version which includes team support.

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replied on June 8, 2015

Hi there,

For the delegate task feature you're looking for for universities, does the heads of departments still need access to the delegated out task? can the heads of departments take the delegated out task back?

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replied on June 30, 2015

I'm not sure about universities, but for K-12 yes, we do need the heads of departments and principals of schools to be able to delegate out tasks. For principals, they need to be able to delegate tasks out to secretaries for gathering signatures and also assistant principals for evaluations, etc.

The head of a department or principal would still need the ability to take the delegated task back if needed incase someone is gone for an extended amount of time (maternity leave, accidents, etc.).

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replied on November 29, 2016

Delegation is a huge feature that we use a lot with a different enterprise solution within our Company. It would be nice to have it for Laserfiche workflow too!

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replied on June 15

Has anyone heard of any additional updates on a possible automatic delegation feature?

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