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Plus Speed

asked on May 11, 2015

I have read a couple of threads in this forum that speak to the issue that Plus is extremely slow, (i.e 128 gig takes two weeks).  I have a client that has 250 gigs worth of Volumes they would like publish to a external drive.  Is this practical? 

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replied on May 11, 2015 Show version history

Do they need a read only repository on the other end? Do they already have a LF repository on the other end? Is exporting a volume an alternative?

If there are no alternatives, you can take some steps to improve publishing speed.  First, make sure you have an updated version of Plus.  Next, use the client on the server and publish to a local drive instead of through the network.  The idea is to minimize the speed bump that the network imposes by keeping everything local.  Are you going to publish with other options enabled?  Use as few options as possible when publishing. Turn off encryption or compression if possible.

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replied on May 11, 2015

They are selling part of their business and this is a way to move the data so the new client can use it for retrieval only.  As lookup is very occasional if ever, they don't want to maintain a pc forever.  I do believe we will have direct access to the server but it is an older machine.

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replied on May 12, 2015

Plus would be perfect then. 

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