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Details of Fujitsu fi-7160 scanner setup

asked on April 24, 2015

I have the fi-7160 scanner installed and working, just thought I would share the experience and ask a follow-on question. At first the scanner driver was setup for blank page removal by default, and it took some looking to find out how to turn it off. (I thought it made more sense to do it via LF Scan where it was easier for users to tweak if necessary.)  I had to launch the PaperStream Capture software and click the 'Config' icon on the toolbar to access the three default profiles. In the B&W default profile I had to set the Scanner Name from a dropdown, then I could click the Driver Profile button and under the Page options section could disable blank page detection.  


1) Does Laserfiche specifically require the existence of the "B&W Default" PaperStream capture profile? What I did seems to work, but nowhere in LF documentation could I find this seemingly necessary piece of info. If you scan in color does it automatically select the Default color profile? 

2) In the LF Scan UI, selecting "File / Scanner Settings" brings up the Contrast and Brightness dialog. The Brightness defaults to -127.  Is this normal and what is the allowed range for these settings?

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replied on April 27, 2015


For customers that I have worked with that have this scanner or one of a lower model number that use Paperstream I set up the profiles for them for both black and white and color. I have the default scanner software running. I do this by clicking the red check box icon in the scan window and select the radio button.

I don't believe that when selecting the drop downs within the Laserfiche scan client window that it automatically selects the profile. I just have the users click on the profile drop down from the Paperstream pop-up if they are going to scan in color and have them ignore the drop down within the scan client.

As for the brightness defaults I have not experimented with that I leave those alone as I believe the Paperstream software adjust the brightness on its own.

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replied on April 27, 2015

I'm actually doing it the other way - I use the laserfiche settings option. None the less, the page dropout features of the B&W default profile were taking effect until I disabled it. So my question is why would this happen when I'm not using the 'default' option you mention.

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