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Admin Console crashes setting up LDAP Users

asked on April 2, 2015

After setting up the LDAP Server Profile, I was able to add the user.  After opening the users settings, they do not appear in the Directory Named Users section.  And clicking the Display Members button crashes the Admin Console. (full error below)

Problem signature:

  Problem Event Name: APPCRASH

  Application Name: mmc.exe

  Application Version: 6.1.7600.16385

  Application Timestamp: 4a5bc808

  Fault Module Name: LFAdmin.dll

  Fault Module Version:

  Fault Module Timestamp: 54efdd67

  Exception Code: c0000005

  Exception Offset: 000000000002b6f6

  OS Version: 6.1.7601.

  Locale ID: 1033

  Additional Information 1: 9b39

  Additional Information 2: 9b390957988afd768c935ff6cee977ad

  Additional Information 3: 2ca8

  Additional Information 4: 2ca8467a9f3ca70ff8b796af61fe9309

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replied on April 3, 2015

Out of curiosity, how many users do you have. I have seen something very similar once before with a company that had like 250 users. Anytime you went to edit or add users you would get crashes. 

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replied on April 3, 2015

I'm not exactly sure how many users they have in Active Directory, I'm surprised that would cause an issue.

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replied on April 3, 2015

You would think so. This account had their server off site and had about 400 active directory users. When bringing up the Windows account user page it would take about 5 minutes or so to populate. If you clicked more than once during this process, you would get the "Not Responding" message. I appeared locked up, but if you waited it would eventually populae the page so you could then make the changes. 

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replied on April 7, 2015

Hi Eric,

There's not much we can do to help as far as configuration goes, which would make this a support case. So I'd recommend opening up a support case from the support site

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