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Discussion: Should Laserfiche add the ability to hide the "add/remove fields" button?

posted on March 31, 2015 Show version history

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Usually this discussion is headed off by talking about proper field security. Normally, I would agree that proper security is the best way to handle this issue. On the other hand, the "add/remove fields" button feels more like a "feature right" to me, something that ought to be turned on and off from the Administration Console, rather than broken down by individual field.

I would venture to say that in most implementations, users have no business adding fields that aren't already part of a template they are working with. There are rare circumstances, and usually this is a more advanced function.

I have an implementation I am working on right now, in which we are redoing metadata and folder structures across the whole repository. Users have added random, meaningless fields to documents across the repository that are not appropriate or necessary, but the users do have access to those fields because they need them on other templates they work with. We do not have the ability to say "You can modify this field on X template, but not on Y template." We could take away "Create" on that field, but then we would have to manage over 300 fields individually, when we would just rather no one (except the Workflow user) be able to add ad-hoc fields.

Would anyone else like to weigh in? I'd be interested to hear a counter point for why this shouldn't be an option to turn off. Again, I'm not advocating that no one should be able to add/remove fields - just that we should be able to assign this right to certain users and not all users.

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replied on December 22, 2020

any updates regarding the issue "add/remove fields" how can i hide it from the users 

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replied on August 31, 2017

I often get questions from users that should not be adding fields regarding what it does.  Also get a lot of user just clicking on it because they think the template isn't attached until they do.  I'd also love to see it be able to be controlled by user.

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replied on May 1, 2018

I would also like to see at as an Admin on or off, default off please :)  We are having the same issue in that they think they need to click it and then freak out when they see options and not sure what to do.  

The template should be locked down to protect the end users from themselves.  My 2 cents :)

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