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Any plans for Apple Mac OS or iOS versions of Connector?

asked on March 3, 2015

Question for the LF Connector developers: Is there any chance that there will be Apple versions of the LF connector? I have some users on Macbooks, iPads and iPhones.  Right now a main focus for me is connecting LF documents with & A lot of those users are mobile field based maintenance guys with iPads.  Getting something to help them retrieve LF based documents related to the salesforce CRM work request would be a huge thing for us.  Thanks.

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replied on March 5, 2015 Show version history

I love the enthusiasm for Connector here! Unfortunately, Connector is a Windows application based on the windows accessibility API, so it's not something we can just port to Mac or mobile scenarios - we'd basically have to rewrite it from scratch. We've been getting a lot of requests though, so we can look into whether it's feasible, but at this point it's not something on our immediate roadmap. 

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replied on March 4, 2015

I second the question, Please make it!

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replied on March 4, 2015

Third it!


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replied on September 19, 2018

Has Connector been updated to work on Macs? 

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