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LF Connector - any window title flexibility?

asked on February 13, 2015

When creating a profile in Laserfiche Connector, is there any way to use wildcards for the window's title? For example, if you open a contact's record in Junxure, the window's title is "Junxure - [Contacts - John Smith *CLIENT*] - 9" (the number at the end is their Client ID). I'd like the profile to be available for any open contact, so ideally would use  "Junxure - [Contacts*" or some other way of denoting a wildcard.

I know I could choose "Apply to the whole application" instead of "Only apply to windows whose title matches", but I'd like to use different profiles for the main application window, contact window, etc.


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replied on February 13, 2015

Yes! If you select "Only apply to windows whose title matches," you can apply .NET regular expression syntax to the window title to have Laserfiche Connector apply to a range of windows.

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replied on February 13, 2015

This is great - thanks for the quick reply Sarah!

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replied on March 19, 2019

I'm also trying to use a window with a title that displays specific version and account information. I tried using regular expression and I must be doing something ridiculously simple wrong because I can't get it to go.


If the title of the window is 

My application - v3.4.5 - AC:000457

And I want to have it work for anything with

My application - v ..... 

I tried: My application - v.

and My application - v.$

neither worked

(This is connector version 10.3 and I set it to use This Window Only on the application)

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