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Why do Documents From Agenda Manager requires authentication

asked on February 5, 2015 Show version history

Customer is receiving an issue when they try to edit a Word or Excel Document. 

They receive an authentication login to communicate to the server. See screen shot. 

Is the document saved on the Server? Or is the document saved locally then uploaded back to Agenda Manager? 

I found this article referencing a similar issue with Microsoft.

Could you explain what requirements a user must have in order to edit the document? 

They are on Microsoft Word 2007

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replied on February 5, 2015

In place editing of Microsoft Office attachments to agenda items is handled by WebDAV. The files are kept in the Agenda Manager volume location. Getting prompted for credentials is common in WebDAV.

The alternative to using WebDAV and doing in place edits would be to download the file locally, make changes there, and then replacing it.

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