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Laserfiche and SAP Archivelink integration

posted on February 2, 2015

Hi LF Community,

Does any Laserfiche and SAP ERP ECC 6.0 integration exist throw the SAP ArchiveLink Module.

Here the SAP module description :

What's the best scenario demo that we could do in order to show the TWO ways integration possibilities from :

- Creating new documents in Laserfiche from catching metadata on SAP interfaces ==> LF Connector I suppose

- Create a link attachment on SAP records to open LF Documents under WebAccess ==> ??

- Search and retrieve documents from LF using SAP record metadata ==> ??

- ... etc // Your suggestions are welcome


Thank you

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replied on February 2, 2015

All three of your scenarios sound like exemplary uses for Connector. Connector can put a button in SAP that uses information on screen to:

  1. Run a search for documents in Laserfiche
  2. Open a document directly
  3. Launch Laserfiche Scanning and pre-populate metadata


Connector only goes the one way though; more information about in-depth integrations between Laserfiche and SAP can be found in other posts here on Answers, such as this one. Long story short, SAP integrations are complicated; what it takes will depend on exactly what you need.

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replied on February 20, 2017

Hello Zachary Buck


Did anyone tested the connector with SAP? how we can get a confirmation that connector works properly with SAP?




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