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Can you assign tags and digital signatures in mobile app?

asked on January 30, 2015

Can you assign tags and digital signatures in the latest mobile app?

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replied on January 30, 2015 Show version history

Hey John,

These features aren't available yet, but I've informed the developers of this request.  If you have a special use case, I'd love to share that with the developers, but I'm assuming you simply want these features so that when you're working from Laserfiche Mobile, you'll be able to apply tags or digital signatures.  If you have more to add regarding your use case, please reply below.


Have a great weekend, John!

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replied on January 30, 2015

I am creating a sales tracking system and the folks approving the proposals need to be able to digitally sign and tag documents to continue the business process.

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replied on February 2, 2015 Show version history

Thanks for the info John.  I've shared with the developers again who will prioritize these features for a future release.

One thing I considered was the possibility of completing these actions via a Laserfiche Workflow business process.  You're able to kick off business processes via Laserfiche Mobile, so if you create simple workflows, like "User A applies a tag" or "User B signs the doc", you'd be able to allow the users to continue the business processes.  The only downside of this to keep in mind is that, using Mobile, you won't be able to view the tags or the signatures.  You can still view them through the client, obviously, but you'll only be able to see the Business Process status through Mobile.


Let me know if you'd like to further discuss your options here!  Let me know if you have any more questions!

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replied on August 20, 2016

Any updates on this subject ???

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replied on August 23, 2016 Show version history

Hi Hisham, 

At this moment, digital signature and tag are still not supported on LF app. 

For us to prioritize accordingly, is your use case also using both digital signature and tag? And which mobile OS is most used? 




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replied on August 25, 2016

Hi Natalie

Well, yes we have a client (Oil & Gas sector) who is implementing digital signature with Laserfiche, requires the same to happen on iOS first, Android as second & Windows mobile, however it will be great to cover All, but mostly now we are using iOS (iPhone & iPad)

the client is implementing across all Oil & Gas sector, kindly requesting to prioritize  & bring it ASAP, since the client looking to be the first in the M.E. region on Oil & Gas, Gov. sector implementing such solution,


Updates is highly appreciate,



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replied on August 25, 2016 Show version history

We are looking into it. It's a bit tricky to actually sign (do a new signature) on devices other than a Windows desktop because we don't have a straightforward access to the correct certificates. We are researching on for a best way now.

It'll be the same when you are using Web Access on the devices. Other than that, you can remove, validate and etc in Web Access on devices. So I'm wondering if you are expecting to create new signature via mobile?

Also, just double check, this is for Laserfiche documents, not forms, right?

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replied on August 25, 2016

We can help in R&D, Because I'm on mobile I'm not able to explain since its bit require some steps to explain,

however found more on iOS Keychain that can store on Mac or iOS cloud base, check this link attached

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replied on August 25, 2016

I'll reply you on how we need to get it done based on answering above questions once I'm at office 

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replied on September 22, 2016

Hi Hisham,

We are currently working on this. We have a couple questions to follow up with you:

1. Do you only add a new signature to one document mostly, or sign batch of documents at the same time?

2. Do you need to validate the signatures? If so, do you need to validate them one by one or multiple of them?

3. If it's batch validating, how many documents do you usually do in a batch. And were you looking for the invalid documents, or not-signed document, as the purpose of your batch validating?



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replied on September 28, 2016 Show version history

Hi Julia,


1. both types one of the cases now with us the minister of Oil, CEO & HR requires functionality for the signature single & patch, however this is possible through certificate verification with profile in use.

2. validation is part since this type of positions keeps changing & each has certificate issued by the Gov. authorities for such signatory

3. in fact the process has multiple reviews till it is finalized then once finalized the signature patch or single page should apply the process on all documents

4. in addition using the finger print verification to be an option since most of the smart devices has this option would be great to add value for validations part as well


Currently we are facing the same requirement, so we will use a tablet for time being till the release,

Thanks & sorry for delay but we are on top the show & communicating live...





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