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Feature Request: Choose Where Task Links Shows in Notifications

asked on January 28, 2015 Show version history

In Forms 9.2.0 when you enable a user task to send an email notification to the person the task is assigned to, you do not have the ability to select where the link the user can click on gets inserted in the email.

We have some text that asks the user not to reply to the email because it is an unmonitored address. We would like this at the very bottom of the email, but it shows above the task link. It would be nice to be able to choose where that link should be in the email.

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replied on November 22, 2019

It appears this was added in Forms 10.4

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replied on December 7, 2015

I second this! Any news on this feature request?


Blake, how do you make this work in your environment? Currently, I just offer them a URL to their Laserfiche Form Inbox.

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replied on December 9, 2015

Hi Blake,

Thanks for the feature request. I'll take it back to the product team.

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replied on January 28, 2016

Any news on this Abby?

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replied on January 28, 2016

Hi there,

No update on this yet.

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replied on May 10, 2017

We would love this as well - constantly being asked to move the information below the link - but we can't. ;)

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replied on November 29, 2019

It was added in 10.4

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