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SQL Server "Audit successful logins" performance consideration

asked on January 8, 2015


We are running LF 9.1, LF Advanced Audit Trail, and LF Workflow with SQL Server 2008 R2 all on the same server and we have no performance issue. Most of users activities are searching and browsing, while high volumes scanning and OCRing comes next, currently we have enabled on SQL Server "Audit unsuccessful logins", if we enabled auditing "successful logins" should we expect performance hit?

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replied on January 12, 2015

Hello Ali,


Tracking successful logins shouldn't cause a performance hit.  Each audited event records essentially the same amount of information, so logging a few additional events shouldn't overload your system, assuming that you have a reasonable number of logins happening over any given time.  Did you have any reason to believe that this particular event may cause a disporportionate performance hit?

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I have no specific reason but long time ago our VAR told us not to enable this option, but this answer by Michael Allen / Laserfiche seems to agree with our VAR but for releases before 9.1:

"Laserfiche has not been tested with SQL Server AlwaysOn Availability Groups. If it does work, I suspect the performance will be poor though unless Laserfiche 9.1 or later is used because of the large number of transactional writes during folder browsing and search result listing."



Well, I checked LF documentation and I didn't find recommendation for database security except this one EDM301: Best Practices for Secure Deployment it recommends "Enable SQL auditing for failures and the sysadmins" and it reference "Microsoft web-site: SQL best practices SQL 2012"


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replied on January 12, 2015

Hey Ali,


It appears that Michael's post is questioning Audit Trail's abaility to work with SQL Server AlwaysOn groups, but not any particular event.  If you're already successfully auditing unsuccessful logins, I don't anticipate any issues auditing the successful logins too.

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