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Changing Agenda Manager Save to Laserfiche Path

asked on November 7, 2014

I know you can direct where the Agendas are saved in Laserfiche through the Agenda Manager Server Configuration but Agenda Manager also adds on to that path by creating files that sort into Meeting Type, the year, the date and the details/notes.


Is there anyway to change this folder path?  One of our customers is very unhappy with this organization of the folders and wants very seriously to have it changed.


I appreciate any help on how to do this if it is possible.


Thank you very much!

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replied on November 7, 2014

There currently isn't a way to change this behavior in Agenda Manager itself.  You tagged this question with "Workflow" - are you open to having Workflow move it to its ultimate location?

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replied on November 10, 2014

Brian, this customer is currently on United and do not have Workflow.  I was more so trying to reference Agenda Manager Workflow to see if there are any solutions.

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